Rota de Santa Marinha

From Melides Beach to Melides. Line walk path, from the coastal dune strand, through Várzea de Melides, church of Santa Marinha and Fonte dos Olhos.

Ext.: 6.5 km 02:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota do garum

From Troia till Ácala. Percourse between the oceanic beach and the ruins of the largest fish complex of Roman empire.

Ext.: 2.5 km 0:40h Dificuldade:

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Rota de Vasco da Gama

From Sines to Porto Covo, starting from the castle of Sines and following along the coast and the mythical beaches that extend until Porto Covo.

Ext.: 18.5 km 06:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota dos contrabandistas

From Porto das Carretas to Sines, along the coast, following the Barbarroxas, Lagoa da Sancha and Caracola.

Ext.: 20.8 km 07:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota dos golfinhos

From Troia till Comporta beach, along dune, between sea and Sado estuary. Beautiful landscapes to Arrabida.

Ext.: 17.6 km 06:00h Dificuldade:

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Rota de Fernão Mendes Pinto

From Galé Beach to Melides Lagoon, along the coast, passing by Aberta Nova Beach.

Ext.: 10.4 km 04:00h Dificuldade:

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